Senator Madigan supports the ‘Lock the gate campaign’.

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Independent senator for Victoria John Madigan today threw his support behind a new “Lock the Gate” campaign by Murray Darling Basin farmers, saying they are facing a drought of common sense and transparency that is killing local communities.

On the final sitting day of the Senate inquiry into the Murray Darling Basin Plan Senator Madigan said he was heartened by farmers saying “enough is enough” on the question of water.

“It staggers me that government officials, government bodies and bureaucrats are still pushing the line that everything is okay while a Senate inquiry has heard hundreds of hours of testimony that Basin communities are in crisis,” Senator Madigan said.

“This is a critical issue that impacts the whole of Australia, our food bowl and the future of farming in this country. For too long this issue has been hijacked by desk-drivers, bureaucrats and those with their snouts in the trough. Meanwhile, our farming communities are being hung out to dry and it has to stop.”

Senator Madigan was responding to recent news that a large contingent of landholders from the central Murray Valley in southern New South Wales had joined forced and vowed to “lock the gate” on water bureaucrats seeking access to their land.

“This issue is as critical as the coal seam gas issue and I encourage and support all farmers to protect their rights and fight for their future,” Senator Madigan said. “The government must listen to farmers. The Basin Plan is not working. In fact, it is harming country communities with no discernible improvement to the environment. The Plan is based on false science and it’s clearly unravelling. The Plan must be paused until common sense is brought back to this issue.”

Media contact for Senator Madigan: Brendan Gullifer 0428 340 755

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