Graham McCrabb: A $13,000,000,000 Basin Plan Killing Millions of Fish.

Graham McCrabb: A $13,000,000,000 Basin Plan Killing Millions of Fish.
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This just shows you the size of the Murray cod Killed In the Menindee Weir Pool today. These Fish will be handed to Fisheries to take the ear bones to determine there age and other research that can be done to determine why they have perished.


Rob Gregory: Menindee Region Community Group on the Darling River.

John Lolicato:

In over 100 years of records there has never been any major recordings of massive fish kills of this quantum up until 2009. Since then there has been 4 major hypoxic blackwater events in the Edward /Wakool River systems of which 2 spread throughout the Murray and Murrumbidgee River systems, killing hundreds of thousands of native fish on each occasion.

Three of these disasters followed flooding and now on the Darling we have the opposite excuse – drought.

The only thing that has really changed since these disasters started in 2009 is the 2007 water act that put water politics in front of proper River management. It is now being guided by the unsustainable and unworkable Basin Plan that completely lacks any logic or common sense in decision making.

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