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Principal: David Landini

Purpose:       To provide members with the information, consultation and representation that will enable them to achieve their objective(s).

Objective:      To cause the maximum quantity of water in the Murray Darling Basin to be sourced and allocated to the creation of wealth; specifically irrigated agriculture.

Method:        1)        Stopping Federal and State governments from removing water from wealth production.

                        2)        Causing water removed by Federal and State governments e.g. the Environmental Water Holder, to be returned to farmers for the production of wealth.

                        3)        Pursuing efficient use of fresh water e.g. by saving the approximately one million megalitres of fresh water currently evaporated annually from Lakes Alexandrina and Albert.

                        4)        Pursuing construction of additional dams, weirs, locks, and other infrastructure that will gain more water and improve water management.

                        5)        Any other acceptable method.

Reason:         The quantity of water available for the production of wealth in the form of agricultural products affects the livelihoods of all citizens living in the Murray Darling Basin.

                     The MDBA Basin Plan demands the removal of 2750GL of water from irrigated agriculture. Removal of a further 450GL was announced later by the then PM Julia Gillard. Since the election of the coalition government, Federal government purchases have been capped at 1500GL, with the remaining quantity to be sourced through yet to be defined savings.

                        Removal of this water will cause a large decline in production of wealth throughout the MDB. This will affect farmers directly, and perhaps to a larger degree, cause a significant decline in the livelihoods of a large portion of the non farm population.

                        While farmers have existing associations that enable them to consult with each other and government bodies, and consequently develop strategies to assist themselves, the non farm population has no such association, consultation, or representation.

                        The Murray Darling Basin Citizens’ Association will provide information, consultation and representation for its members, specifically the non farm population, that will enable them to achieve their goal. 

Membership:      Membership is confidential unless otherwise instructed.